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Who is Grow?

We’re a boutique lending consultancy, with a shared aim to help our clients make the most of their finances and achieve their long term property goals. Our consultants are all successful property owners and investors themselves, and we want to share our expertise, passion and experience to help you make informed choices on the housing market.

Over the majority of the last two decades, we’ve refined our services to make a hassle-free experience when obtaining finance whether for first home buyers or investors alike. We know you might be time poor, so we take care of all the finer details and stand by your side throughout the entire home-buying process. We’ll help you find the financial product that suits your needs, and help make the acquisition of property easy.

How Do We Do it?

With over a decade of experience in lending, our consultants can help you identify options, that will make owning or investing much more easier. We’ll also show you how to structure flexible loans that will save you money and give insights into how to manage your property for maximum rental income.

Led by one of the most renowned financial advisors in Australia

Ayda is one of Australia’s leading property and finance experts. She’s an award-winning entrepreneur, is highly sought after as a motivational keynote speaker, professional development coach, financial coach and industry leader. What Ayda has mastered in the first 17 years of her career, few achieve in a lifetime. Personally, she’s made the journey from student sharehouse to owning a property portfolio worth many millions.

She’s used property investment as a base from which to build multiple multi-million-dollar businesses and is redefining the property and finance sector through her straight-talking, practical and insightful advice. It’s why the Australian Financial Review, Sydney Morning Herald and Sky News turn to her for engaging and up-to-date insights on property and finance trends.

Our values

We pride ourselves on our core values that guide us to success in everything we do. We carry these values into every project, no matter the scale, and afford each customer with respect and dignity.


We know that commitment and dedication is the key driver of success. It’s important to persist and stick it out to reap the benefits. Newstead Realty’s ethos is that when others cower out and give up, we push harder, further, and stronger than ever. Our eyes are on long-term success, not short term performance.


Empathy is something we value most at Newstead Realty. We want to empower our clients with as much market success as possible. We’ve played the game for years and now we want others to gain from what we’ve learned along the way. Our definition of success is bringing our clients dreams a little bit closer.


Over the past 15 years, we’ve learned a lot. Through ups and downs, Newstead Realty has persisted and always comes out on top. The market is constantly evolving and while everyone is trying to keep up, we use our insights and industry knowledge to keep one step ahead.


Bravery isn’t the absence of fear, but courage in the face of fear. Chasing a dream is always going to be risky, but Newstead Realty doesn’t let fear stop us from achieving our clients goals. Overcoming our fears is how we got to where we are today, and we help our clients do the same.


There’s no straight path to success. That’s why being dynamic and agile is one of Newstead Realty’s greatest strengths. We are constantly surveying the industry so we can evolve our services. Our ability to adapt to the market means we always achieve optimal results for our clients.


Diversity isn’t an objective of Newstead Realty, it’s part of our DNA. Our team embraces a rich variety of cultures, ages, genders and ethnicities which allows us to see the world from every perspective. No matter the walk of life, Newstead Realty will always treat our employees and clients with respect.

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